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» Current Staff Openings!
The Force
 Posted: Mar 23 2015, 10:29 PM
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RP Moderator (x1)
- In charge of Character & RP forums
-- Character forum duties: Critiquing characters & using the multi-mod tool to approve a character that doesn't need any fixing.
-- RP forum duties: Making sure that an RP abides by the 2-1-2 standards set forth for the board. Making sure all rules are kept. Archiving completed/dead RP's w/ the "archive" multi-mod tool.

ADVERTISING Moderator (x1)
- In charge of the first time & link back advertising forums
-- Primary duty: Post our ad on other boards (Jcink rp's primarily), and when they link back, do a double check to make sure we did post on their board first.
-- First time forum duties: post a link back advertisement on their board. Once completed, use the multi-mod tool on said first time post to enter in the reply that will visibly leave trace that we've completed our link back to them.

FACTION Moderator (x3)
- Looking for three separate faction moderators.
-- Fel Empire (x1), Core Republic (x1), Order of Silver Jedi (x1)
-- Each moderator position is privy to one high ranking position in said faction. Current highest rankings include Moff (Empire), Head of State (Republic), Grandmaster (Silver Jedi)
- In charge of all forums in given faction, may be a co-moderator with other members (some already pre-set, others may be added later)
- Duties: keep your faction active, give them faction tailored missions and plots, try and gain new members to your ranks, keep track of your acquired NPC's and ships.


When we do have a job listing available, make sure you check here before filling out your staff app so you know what you can go after. When a listing is filled, it will be struckthrough for a trial period of a few weeks to a month. If the person in said position works out, it will be removed from the listing board completely.

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