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» Species Creation Template
The Force
 Posted: Apr 30 2014, 11:36 PM
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[color=cyan][b]Species Template[/b][/color]


[color=cyan]Name:[/color] Species Name?
[color=cyan]Designation:[/color] Sentient/Non-Sentient/AI?
[color=cyan]Homeworld:[/color] Where does the Species come from?
[color=cyan]Languages:[/color] What languages does the Species speak and/or understand?

[color=cyan]Average Height:[/color] Average height of the species?
[color=cyan]Skin Coloration(s):[/color] What color is the skin of the species?
[color=cyan]Hair Coloration(s):[/color] What color is the hair of the species?
[color=cyan]Eye Coloration(s):[/color] What color is the eyes of the species?
[color=cyan]Average Lifespan:[/color] On average, how long does a member of this species live?
[color=cyan]Races/Sub-Species:[/color] Any variations in race of the species?  Any sub-species to the main species?  (Sub-species may need an additional template filled out if they ever become Player Characters)

[color=cyan]Technological Capabilities:[/color] Are they hyperspace capable, primitive, pre-hyperspace, advanced technologically but non-hyperspace, etc...?

[color=cyan]Strengths:[/color] What are their strengths?

[color=cyan]Weaknesses:[/color] What are their weaknesses?

[color=cyan]Distinctions:[/color] What makes them unique?

[color=cyan]Culture:[/color] What are their people like?

[color=cyan]History:[/color] What is the history of this species?

[color=cyan]Additional Notes:[/color]

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