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» Arix Vox, W.I.P.
The Force
 Posted: Jun 17 2015, 11:25 PM
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Faceclaim: Hugh Laurie

Name: Wolf DeCrion, Florian Noble, Augustus Pryde

Faction: Independent
Rank: Criminal Entrepreneur

Species: Near-Human (enhanced)
Age: 47
Sex: Male

Appearance: Standing at six feet, three inches tall and weighing in at one hundred seventy seven pounds, Arix is a rather unnaturally healthy looking middle aged man. He isn't what one would call overweight, but he has some meat on him, making him look like he isn't some scrawny old man. Arix has leathery, tanned white skin, the wrinkles on his face giving away his signs of aging. Although his wrinkles are present, they are not always entirely visible as from time to time he undergoes some minor cosmetic adjustments to make him appear slightly more youthful. Arix's most notable feature are his eyes, his electric blue robotic eyes. They are exactly that, robotic...to a degree, still primarily flesh, but enhanced by technology. Arix sports a light, full brown beard that like his hair has bits of gray here and there.
Attire: Arix normally wears a fancier black suit with a white, striped shirt underneath. His most common accessory is his cane, which he uses to make himself appear more frail. When in his combat attire, he tends to wear a lighter combat armor (as one in his position does not get into heavier combat).

+ Observant - very careful eye for his surroundings.
+ Intelligent - a very smart man, otherwise he wouldn't be where he is today.
-- tech science savant - gifted in the ways of technological science.
+ Cunning - has a way about himself that shadows his true intentions to those out of the loop.
+ Ruthless - shows no mercy.

- Hard - can be both difficult to deal with as well as being somewhat closed-off to many.
- Arrogant - believes he is better than many because of where he is in life.
- Stand-offish - can be cold and unfriendly.
- Cynical - has a general distrust of others and their motives for doing what they do.
- Passive-aggressive - tends to be manipulative or uncooperative with many he crosses paths with.

Personality: If you're a criminal, Arix is going to get along just fine with you....well he'll get along with you, but he still might look down upon you. Anyone else holds very little to no sway when it comes to Arix doing anything, he is cold and manipulative and will do nearly anything to make the ends justify the means. There is always an agenda with Arix, always. He never does anything without having a reason to do it, and it is always going to benefit him either short or long term.

Arix isn't much of a people person, given he is cold and generally unfriendly....yet oddly enough, this does draw people to him, that and his 'gift' for a certain field of study. While many opt not to work with him, if not all the time, Arix has made sure in every job he's ever worked to ensure that he leaves something to be desired of him again, as a way to keep business coming in. Again, just another way he looks out for himself in any number of ways.

Biography: Arix was born on Abregado Rae to Taia Vox, the overseer of the Abregado Rae shadowport. Arix never knew who his father was, his mother never telling him, reasons unknown to him. He grew up in the criminal lifestyle, although his mother always made sure to keep him on a more straight and narrow path in his earlier years. Much of his life ended up being spent on the straight and narrow, although he was always somehow intertwined with the criminal elements given his mothers lifestyle.

It wasn't until his twenties, after having gone to university and graduating with a degree in technological sciences he returned home and made his choice to follow in the path of his mother and take the more lucrative and rewarding path of crime. Most of his criminal activities began on Abregado Rae, but he soon found himself teaming up with all sorts of seedy types that took him from shadowport to shadowport doing all number of jobs with his primary skill set as well as a few other handy skills he had picked up along the way. During this time he began earning a reputation as a very skilled jack-of-all-trades...at least a jack-of-all-trades in the tech department. He had been known to come up with very intriguing technological devices that could be used from anything such as simple electronic lock picks to advanced computer hacking, and then there were the weaponized electronics which worked wonders for incapacitating those that needed incapacitation.

After having established himself in all sorts of criminal trades, he returned home to Abregado Rae, to an aging mother who passed on the keys to the kingdom, making him more or less the overseer of the Abregado Rae shadowport. While he wasn't exactly keen on more or less being the proprietor of one of the largest crime hubs in the galaxy, he knew that this was just another step up in the crime ladder. He wasn't exactly a crime lord or anything, just a well-off criminal who more or less ran a very lucrative and highly illegal business. While he didn't exactly like the job, he fit into the shoes well, making sure that any criminals who came to the shadowport were well taken care of, for a price. Everything in the shadowport had it's price, and a small percentage of that price always went into his pocket, as it had done with his mother before him.

Around the age of thirty, there had been an attack on the shadowport by local authorities....dumb ones who had gotten it into their heads that they were going to go looking for the shadowport and try and raid it to bring in who knew how many known bounties for a hefty sum of credits offered by various governments. Needless to say, they found the shadowport, but far from successful as it could have been. The fifty or so officers that had been intent on raiding the shadowport had all ended up dead, their bodies never located by anyone on the right side of the law. During the attack, there had been several criminal casualties. Arix himself had been one of the casualties, suffering some optical nerve scarring, which caused him to be almost completely blind. In addition to the blindness, he had also taken a major wounding to his leg. He was immediately dropped into a bacta tank when the battle was over and he had been located by some of his men. While the bacta repaired his leg, he was still more or less blind, the nerves not being able to heal properly. It was a rare occurrence that bacta couldn't always cure, but it just so happened where it didn't work as expected this time around.

So there he was, the blind overseer of Abregado Rae shadowport. Given the wealth he had accumulated during his criminal entrepreneurship, he never lost hope. No, he continued doing what he had always done, run his little piece of paradise and continue to grow richer in the process. However, as he did this, he always sought out ways to try and regain his eyesight. In the beginning he had gone to many different doctors that could try to repair his eyesight, but to no avail each and every one failed. From the legitimate doctors he went to those in the criminal field, they too failing. Had it not been for his own technical genius, he would undoubtedly still be blind today. Much of the time he had been consulting and undergoing various surgeries from doctors, he had been developing a backup plan in case all else failed, which it had. He had created small nano robots that could be implanted in his eyes to help repair the damage done, continually repairing the damage over time until it was fully healed. Even in time, he would see again. Of course, his own design didn't quite go as planned, as it turns out there was a bit of a complication in his design, one he didn't expect to happen.

The nano bots were implanted into his eyes, and for the first few days there was no change. After almost a week his vision began improving, more drastically than he had anticipated. It didn't take more than a month before he could see perfectly again, the nano bots having repaired every damaged optic nerve. This was where the complication occurred. The nanobots didn't quite stop when the nerves were healed, they began fusing with the eye itself, their technology fusing with his tissue to create a tissue/robot hybrid eye, able to continually repair itself as well as be modified without fear of blinding Arix. During this process, Arix gained his electric looking bluish-white eyes. For years since the 'upgrade' to his eyes, Arix has done other upgrades as well, allowing for several different optic features to be present, so as to always be able to more or less keep well aware of his surroundings.

In the over ten years since his optical repair, Arix has continued his running of the Abregado Rae shadowport, but he has tended to take up other jobs now and again, keeping up appearances that he is still quite the jack-of-all-trades in the criminal world. Of course, in his older years, he has become rather cold and unfavorable to work around, but there is still a respect for him....if not fear of him. But then again, Arix isn't on the job to be liked, he's there to get it done and get paid. He'll work with anyone for a price, and has chosen not to care who gets in his way, he's going to work to succeed at any cost.

Resources: Being the Abregado Rae shadowport overseer provides wealth and living in comfort, style, and protection. Arix has access to just about anything he needs at any given time, thanks to the shadowport.
Belongings: Interdictor-class Star Destroyer (Time Tested), cane sword, heavy blaster pistol (x2), Reaper & Aeon (Human Replica Droids)


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