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SWDW is a fanon RP set some 500 years after after Ep. VII/Legends. The galaxy has changed much after three galactic civil wars and several shifts in galactic power. The dust has all but settled from the last war as new Galactic powers are being formed or reforged from the ashes of the dead. In these times of unknown outcomes, it might just be best to let destiny take its course and play out....but we've never been one's to let our fates be decided by the unknown. Forge your own destiny amongst the stars. Fight for what you believe in. Shape the galaxy for good or evil.

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In order to proceed, you must agree to the following:
Forum Terms & Rules:
By Joining Star Wars: Destiny's Way, you are agreeing to the following rules and procedures of the board. Read the rules, use common sense, and try avoiding being a jerk, and everything should go smoothly.

-- Joining --
• When first Joining SW:DW it is recommended that your first account be your writer account in which you write all of your character bio's/plots/etc... with. All other account registrations you make will be for your characters.
•• Register with any name you wish as long as it is not vulgar in any way. (If registering a writing account)
•• Register with First & Last name, if registering with a character account.

-- Characters --
•• Please use our bio form only.
•• If you elect to play a character of major importance (such as a major political leader or a member of the Jedi High Council) and you disappear without warning, an Admin 'or' Faction Leader will send you a PM to which you will have no less than 14 days to reply. At which point, should you not return, your position will be vacated.
•• Topic title must be characters name, Topic description must be characters profession (description optional).
•• Make as many characters as you wish.
•• Players may play an NPC throughout a single thread (or more with Admin permission) after which the character must be submitted as an NPC profile.

-- Inactive Registrations --
In the event of an inactive registration the following will occur.
•• Characters: Your account will be left as is, should you decide to come back and stay for another spell.
-- On the off chance you've gone with a canon, your account may be modified with a * at the beginning of the name, as we'll be allowing others to claim said canon if they want it. This of course will be done after a span of two-three months (at the earliest) on the off chance you come back before then.

Now, should your characters become inactive, all will be moved to the inactive/dead forum. Remember, just let a staff member know, and we will happily move it back to active status should you return.

-- Graphics --
•• Avatars: No larger than 150x250 (this is pre-set via the ACP -- so little to worry about there)
•• Signatures: No larger than 500x200 (larger stretches the board past what it should be)
•• Character Image (on Bio's):[/b] Something around 500x700 is perfect as the largest, anything smaller is good too.
•• Additional Images (on Bio's): can be seen via link form.

-- Playing --
•• Respect the staff, the players, and the guests.
•• In order to play, you must follow whatever instructions are required of you in a given roleplay.
•• You Must alread have a character made & approved to participate in any of the In Character topics.
•• There is no posting requirement in terms of frequency or length. Just make sure you let your partners know if you expect to be posting less than once every couple of days and try to contribute something of respectable narrative value with every post.
•• Don't godmod or metagame.
•••• Where a character does something they are not capable of doing or do not have permission to do to another character, e.g. moving another character (without actual physical intervention by the godmoding character) by stating they are somewhere they are not without the other player's permission.
•••• Be realistic. DO NOT go on rampages through Sith Temples, Jedi Temples or cities or other places that you would more than likely be stopped by a form of security force. This is extremely un-realistic and it’s also God-Modding. Not to mention not very cool.
•• This board is an age 16+ board (with the exception of our password protected & age protected mature forum. Violence and profanity is allowed to a limit given the sci-fi setting of this rp. If you think something is inappropriate, pm an admin or mod and we will decide to give you permission or not to post such a thing. Violence is allowed to a limit in non-mature threads. Sexual content DEFINITELY cannot be used in detail outside of the mature forum. As far as profanity goes, there is no real limit on restriction, but don't go cursing every other word because you think you can. (remember cursing usually will not be something from our verse either...you might want to see our guide on SW-verse cursing)
•• We're trying to be LGBTQ friendly here on SW:DW, we all know there is some content in the legends novels that deals with this, so it's nothing new. Just be sure if and when it happens there isn't unnecessary hate or disgust going on in play (yeah, some characters might have a problem with it, that's fine, just don't go over the top with it).
•• These are for the most part (relatively) non-linear games, aside from the rp-wide plots. Feel free to play any one character in as many concurrent threads as you desire, as long as you can keep track.
•• Post in English only (if you are speaking a canon SW language, sub-title it in English), and try to use proper English whenever you can, with appropriate spelling and grammar.
•• Word Limit - While there is no word limit, we do require more than a one liner for each post. We ask that you focus on quality over quantity. Double check posts and make sure that they will make sense to other users.
•• RP's can only be started with two or more characters/members at a time. It is required to let a staff member know before hand, and be approved to do so, if you would like to rp a topic by yourself.
•• No Double Posting. The only circumstance to this, is RPing by yourself (which requires admin approval).
•• Third person perspective is needed. Don't refer to your character as I, but rather by first name, he, she, or it. It's more preferable that we keep reality and rping seperate.
•• When in threads, please try your hardest to maintain a posting order, so that threads don't get all lopsided if for instance you have a three person thread and two of the three are posting far more often than the third player. We want to give everyone an equal chance at a story here.
•• It is customary to ask before entering an already established thread, even if it is open. This is to avoid any outsiders ruining a plot or subplot of those already in the thread. A topic without any indication that they're locked is on default considered open, but one must ask permission from the involved parties before an individual can join a thread.
•• There will be a mandatory FIVE DAY SKIP rule in effect, if someone in your posting order doesn't post within five days of their ordered turn, the next player may post.
•• If you've read this particular 'rule' then you, like I, know that rules aren't always followed to the letter, so there is some (not much) leniency here on the board.

-- OOC --
•• Respect the Staff, Players, and Guests.
•• Keep it clean.
•••• If you disagree with something that clashes with your own lifestyle, keep it to yourself....or you get the metaphorical boot up yer arse.
•• OOC content should be more or less restricted to a PG-13 level.
•• Much like the rule in the playing section, in regards to the whole LGBTQ issue -- much like the rule just a few spaces above this even -- there isn't going to be any hate or disgust about it....that isn't tolerated here. So keep your personal opinions on the matter to yourself, maybe try to open up a bit. Just saying, if this happens to come up somewhere OOC, like character requests or plot ideas.
•• Make sure your OOC material goes where it needs to (saves on us having to sort everything all the time, although it's understood mistakes happen).

-- Canon Material --

One of the best boards on the web for Star Wars Canon is: Wookieepedia (The Star Wars Wiki)

Just in case, what is the extent of official canon?
The extent of official canon is this: Planets (still the same), Force powers (still the same), Lightsaber forms (still the same). All in all canon is the base of everything, we've just gone in a very different direction with the story and such. As for everything listed above being the same as it is in official canon, many have been mingled with additional fanon here on SW:DW.

-- Breaking the Rules --
•• Minor violations will generally result in a warning by the administrators/global mods. More serious violations will begin adding points to your warning bar, in addition to a discussion with an administrator as to your activity. The most serious offenses—or more likely, repeated offenses—may result in banning. Suspensions are unlikely, as it is as much a punishment to the other players as to the offender. Accidental violation of the rules will be dealt with more leniently, but there's still no excuse for not knowing the rules. Just follow the rules and use common sense.

Ultimately our rules work in a three-strike fashion, meaning you get three strikes against you, and you're gone. Although everyone is entitled to one warning in addition to those three strikes. Said three strike policy may not be enacted if a single offense is too great.

Rules may be subject to change at any given time!

Last Updated: 06/25/2015

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